Why Choose WordPress

In the advent of digital technology, the way we express ourselves have drastically changed. For instance, physical third places where people usually meet, gather around, and exchange information now have their digital counterparts. Think about it this way: Facebook can easily be the virtual park of the modern world, while Instagram a museum adorned with different art forms including, dare we say it, selfies.

On the other hand, since they are flexible, open source and blogging tools such as WordPress can be likened to a number of things. Use it as an online store, and you have a mall; use it as a membership site, and you have a club.

Despite these changes, one thing remains the same. Whether in physical or virtual spaces, we always make it a point to communicate our thoughts clearly. The online world comes with a little perk, allowing you to edit things to perfection before hitting the post button, as opposed to the spontaneous nature of public communication that eliminates this possibility. However, the online world also has the capability to immortalize your errors. Screenshots can be taken in a snap, tweeted, and the next thing you know you’re trending.

Thus, it makes enough sense to choose the best medium—a platform that is easy to use and understand. For instance, here is why we think you should consider WordPress:

  • Free – Since it is open source, using WordPress is free. All you need are a domain and a web hosting to kickstart your WordPress journey.
  • Easy setup and management – Some open source and content management system (CMS) tools may be too difficult to maneuver. With WordPress, you can create pages in a minute.
  • Beautiful themes – WordPress allows you to express your creativity with thousands of beautiful and functional themes. Choose one from the official WordPress theme directory or from commercial theme sites.
  • Flexible format – WordPress can be used flexibly as a blog, an online store, a CMS, or virtually anything you want to use it for. It can also handle extensive media content such as images, music, forms, buttons, and ads. It even allows you to embed YouTube videos, Tweets, and Instagram posts.
  • SEO-ready – WordPress comes with a search engine optimization (SEO) plugin that is brilliant on its own, but it also allows you to choose from countless SEO plugins that maximize your SEO efforts.

Why Choose Websites by Jim

Choosing the right WordPress management service is a make or break decision. Let us help you narrow down your options with the following benefits:

  • Web design and management – Websites by Jim has a team of skilled web designers and managers who are ready to build your WordPress site from start to finish. We are dedicated to providing only the best service.
  • Search engine optimization – Websites by Jim helps you boost traffic and increase your rankings with our SEO experts.
  • Social media integration – Websites by Jim handles social media accounts and integrates them with WordPress so you can reach a wider audience.
  • Content creation – Websites by Jim creates fresh content in whatever form, encouraging visitors to keep coming back to your website.

Communicate in a crystal clear fashion with our committed team of web designers, developers, and writers. Call us today for a free, no obligation chat and we will gladly unravel the virtual world of WordPress for you!