The Law of Attraction

“First impressions last.”

Three words that are meant for human beings, but are also just as applicable to websites. Truth be told, the latter is all we care about. We don’t mind if your socks don’t match or if you’re wearing a shirt that is older than your dog. What we do mind, however, is that your header and footer match, and your taste in web design don’t scream 20s (unless going vintage is your theme).

Our point? It only takes a matter of seconds for a visitor to decide whether your website is worth their time or not—and the job of every website designer is to make every split second count. We have seen companies and business owners fall into the trap of bad web design, but here is why you should never settle for anything less:

  • A good web design communicates your vision –  A good web design is not created for the sole purpose of pleasing the eyes. Rather, it also helps you send a significant message to your visitors.
  • A good web design makes your brand consistent – A consistent visual language helps people recognize your brand at first glance, but a good web designer also knows how to make these designs flexible depending on a given situation.
  • A good web design earns you loyal visitors – Random clicks are nice and can help increase rankings, but what you really want are customers who visit your website because they want to build a relationship with you. In short, a good web design is part of the credible image equation.
  • A good web design distinguishes you from others – And by others, we mean competitors. You’re probably not the only person engaging in your kind of business, but a good web design highlights the special qualities offered by your website.
  • A good web design saves you from hassle – Settling for a mediocre set-up can make you constantly worry: Do my visitors like what they see? Do they believe what I say? Do I look credible enough? A good web design breaks the chains of stress and assures you that the right people will get your message.

How We Attract Clients for Your Business

Gaining clients has consistently been one of the hardest parts of creating a website. Here at Websites by Jim, we simplify the equation with the following services:

  • Easy navigation – Websites by Jim creates a tour guide out of every website it makes. This assures every visitor will have a smooth ride. We always find the balance between easy and comprehensive and apply it to our designs.
  • Consistent brand – Websites by Jim takes makes effective website logos and brand images. This helps our clients get recognized and be distinguished from competitors.
  • Effective placement – Websites by Jim hates clutter. We work hard to organize our designs and ensure that everything is in its designated place.
  • Fresh content – Websites by Jim believes in the power of content. Aside from creating visually appealing graphics, we also work on creating relevant substance that is consistent with your brand.
  • Credible image – Websites by Jim recognizes the importance of trust between a website and its visitors. Therefore, we strive to provide an image that connects to and persuades its audience.

The law of attraction is simple: like attracts like. Following this context, it is then safe to assume that when you create a website that is serious about achieving its goals, chances are, you’re going to attract customers that are just as serious.

Call us today for web design assistance and we’ll gladly help you become a law-abiding website owner. :)